This is a "lose, lose, lose" proposition for the City, taxpayers and San Diego.

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The Qualcomm Stadium site is one of the most valuable public assets in San Diego. Redevelopment of this site is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our city. We owe it to ourselves and our future to consider all potential options, rather than settling for the first proposal to come along. The City has one chance to get this right because we will be forced to live with the consequences for the next 100 years. We need to advance a project that's a good deal for all San Diegans, not just for the investors proposing it. If we don't, the results could be devastating for the Mission Valley community and City of San Diego.

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Key Issues

Windfall Profits

This deal would likely be the largest transfer of taxpayer wealth to a private developer in San Diego's history.

Public Land

This massive giveaway of public land creates an immediate windfall of hundreds of millions of dollars for private investors at the expense of taxpayers.


FS is taking advantage of a loophole in state law to bypass public review and input.


There is no reason to rush to a decision that will permanently change our city. San Diegans deserve competing proposals on how to best develop this valuable public asset.

Flawed Stadium Proposal

FS says a soccer stadium must be completed by 2020 to accommodate a new MLS team, but their own plans say that they don't have to complete the stadium until 2025.


San Diego State University says this proposal doesn't meet their needs, and we shouldn't move forward until we come up with a solution that does.


Because the developer is underpaying on park fees, this plan short-changes the City millions of dollars for parks with no guarantee that the promised River Park will ever be built.

NFL Team

FS is dangling a false promise, suggesting a new NFL team could play in Mission Valley. That will never happen under their proposal.


The FS proposal will turn Mission Valley into Traffic City, creating perpetual gridlock throughout central San Diego.

Affordable Housing

Under their plan, FS has no obligiation to build a single affordable housing unit until 2028, and there is no penalty if affordable housing is never built on the site.

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